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Why Keep Chickens As Pets?

If this is a new idea to you, you may be wondering why keep chickens as pets when you can simply make a trip to the market to pick up your eggs. There are actually numerous excellent reasons for chicken keeping beyond having a ready, convenient supply of eggs as a healthy reward for keeping pet chickens in your backyard. Keeping pet chickens can be a rewarding hobby which is fun for the entire family. If you have a particularly stressful job, you may also find that keeping pet chickens is also relaxing activity and fun too. Not only that, keeping chickens prove beneficial for many reasons. After a stressful day on the job you can come home and instantly feel relaxed when you are greeted by your fine feathered friends!

Chickens Are Cheep – And Pay You With Their Fresh Eggs!

Organic Eggs from Chicken pets

You will at once feel peace within and will marvel at your idea for keeping chickens as pets at first place. In addition to making great pets, the chicken breeds are also productive and certainly pay for their own upkeep! While you might think chicken keeping would be expensive, the opposite is actually true. Unlike other types of pets, chickens are inexpensive and will not place a burden on your time. Your idea of keeping chickens will pay you off when you will see the benefits it posses. All your chicken breeds will require is a small amount of attention and they will stay in excellent condition. Ultimately keeping pet chickens will make you rejoiced. Furthermore, the hobby of chicken keeping will provide you with a fresh supply of eggs without the need to dash out to the supermarket. Better yet, you can benefit from a supply of organic eggs. It is not difficult at all to produce organic eggs. Just purchase organic chicken feed and you are all set!

Research has consistently shown that free-range chicken breeds that are allowed to freely roam produce eggs which are far higher in healthy Omega-3 acids as well as Vitamin E. At the same time, they are also lower in cholesterol than store-bought eggs. Keeping pet chickens will let you have the delight of eating eggs from your own chicken breeds; and you will likely never want to dine on supermarket eggs again. Fresh yard eggs have far more flavor – a fruitful advantage of keeping chickens. One of the reasons for this is that they are, in fact, fresh. The eggs you purchase from the store are often weeks old before they ever make it into your shopping cart. You will also likely notice a difference in the yolks of your fresh eggs, which tend to be a strong orange colour instead of pale yellow.

Chickens and Gardens – An Egg-cellent Combination

ISA Brown, Sussex, and Naked Neck chicken in backyard garden

Have a home garden? An additional benefit of keeping chickens is a great supply of the highest quality manure for your garden. Also keeping pet chickens in your backyard brings life to your backyard. Isn’t that so? If you think that keeping pet chickens sounds boring, think again. A little known fact about keeping chickens is that they have just as much personality as your dog or cat. They can be endearing, quirky and even slightly kooky! With more than 400 different breeds to choose from, they are also surprisingly beautiful and feature a stunning array of patterns, colours, sizes and shapes. Don’t be surprised if before long you find yourself naming your chicken breeds and even petting them on occasion! The healthy living aspect of chicken keeping is certainly an important aspect that draws many people to the idea. This is a great way to get one step closer to sustainable living, by keeping pet chickens in your backyard. If you have experienced concern at the idea of how far detached most people today have become, from real life living and if the fast-pace of the modern world is engulfing them, the decision for keeping chickens as pet is a great way to combat against that problem. If you have children, chicken keeping is also a wonderful way to introduce them to nature. Your Children will enjoy their little responsibility with keeping chickens as pets. As you will discover in the next few chapters, keeping chickens is surprisingly low-maintenance. This is perhaps why chicken keeping is the best solution for taking up a relaxing hobby while also enjoying the benefits of farm-fresh food.

Maintenance and Environment Requirements

There are a few elements to chicken keeping and maintenance that must be learned; however, what you need to know regarding keeping pet chickens is relatively simple. Even if you have had no experience with keeping chickens or farm animals of any type in the past, you will discover that keeping pet chickens is a no-brainer! You might be thinking at this point that you cannot enjoy the benefits of your chicken breeds because you do not actually live on a farm. While there is no denying that living on a large lot of land where your chickens can roam freely would be ideal, you do not necessarily need a lot of land to raise a few chicken breeds and reap the benefits. As you will see in a later article, it is entirely possible to keep chickens even if you live in an urban area. Keeping pet chickens as a hobby or even as pets does hold a certain appeal along with numerous benefits. Although your chicken may not be as trainable as other pets, they do have their own appeal. Beyond keeping chickens simply for egg production, many people choose to keep chickens and even raise fancy breeds of chickens as their hobby only. You might be quite surprised at the spectacular appearance of fancy chicken breeds, particularly with their bright plumage. Keeping pet chicken is fun and there is also room to save money in keeping pet chickens for egg production and you can enjoy the fact that you are obtaining other benefits without it costing you anything to feed your family a far superior product.

Young children with chicken pets

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