5 Reasons to Love Sebright Chickens

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Last Updated: 15 July 2020

Sebright chickens are unique and exotic looking ladies with sweet temperaments and a penchant for curiosity. In the early 1800s Sir John Sebright - a member of the British Parliament and avid animal keeper - set out to create his vision of the perfect chicken. The resulting fantastically feathered fowl was the Sebright bantam and these small but perfectly formed birds became popular with highfalutin poultry fanciers across the British isles and beyond. Sir John took the formula for creating the Sebright breed to his grave, but it is rumored that they were developed from a mix of the Polish, Nankin and Hamburg breeds of chicken. These rare and individual birds can be hard to find, but once you’ve owned a Sebright chicken, you’ll forever be changed. Curious to know why we find Sebrights so alluring? Read on for our 5 reasons to love these unique and uncompromising hens.  

Sebright bantam chicken in backyard garden

A Sight to Behold

Sebright chickens are a sight to behold and a wonder to watch. These pretty birds, with their wonderfully patterned plumage and delicate features, make an exotic and unique addition to any backyard flock. Sebright chickens have small and compact bodies with short backs and prominent breasts, sporting perfectly preened gold or silver almond shaped feathers that are delicately laced with bold iridescent black. Their legs and feet are an understated slate grey and their combs and face are a mulberry red. The wings of Sebright chickens are large for their body size and are angled towards the ground. Their tail is well spread and carried at a high angle, giving the chicken a jaunty, ready for anything look. The Sebright chicken has a small head, tight rose comb and large round peepers which give them a curious, wide eyed expression. If you are looking for a backyard chicken to admire, the Sebright chicken is a mesmerising choice.

True Bantam

Not all bantam chickens are created equal. Bantam breeds can be categorized into two types - true and miniature standard. Miniature standard bantams are chickens that have been bred to be smaller versions of their larger chicken breed namesakes but true bantams have been developed as unique breeds that have no standard sized counterparts. Sebright chickens are one of the oldest recorded true bantam chickens and these adorably small birds are often a favourite with exhibitors and hobby keepers due to their unique appearance. The Sebright bantam diminutive size and distinct colouration and patterning make them a delightful and space saving spectacle to have in your flock. If you have a small backyard, Sebright chickens truly are the chicken of choice.    

Sebright bantam chicken rooster in backyard

Fiercely Independent

While some poultry enthusiasts keep a backyard flock as a source of fresh eggs, there are those who insist no coop is complete unless it’s full of fancy fowl to admire. If you are looking for a chook that will give your chicken run an exotic feel, the Sebright chicken is just right. These avant garde girls shouldn’t be relied upon to provide a regular bounty of eggs - they are more interested in foraging and curiously eggs-ploring their backyard kingdom than laying one of their rare and delicate tinted cream cackleberries. Not only individuals in their looks, Sebrights are keen to stand out in the crowd when it comes to temperament and behaviour too. Given the opportunity, these fiercely independent chickens go off the beaten path, strutting self-importantly through the garden and preferring to roost in trees when the sun sets on their day. To ensure the Sebright chickens’ freewheeling nature is safely contained it is necessary to have a tall fence or secure chicken run, as these hens are quite skilled flyers. Curious to know what makes a good chicken home? Have a stickybeak here.  

Cordial and curious

If you want to keep a small flock of pretty and playful birds the Sebright is a great choice. These beautiful bantams prefer the company of one or two chicken friends and while independence is important to the Sebright chicken, that doesn’t mean they are cold hearted! Sebrights are well known for being sweet and inquisitive birds. True, they are not as cuddly as say a Plymouth Rock or an ISA Brown chicken, but these girls are unassumingly friendly, giving out enough love but never cramping your style. If you’re not one to smother your pets in kisses, but still enjoy delightful interaction on a daily basis, the Sebright is the perfect pet for you. Much like any shy chook, you can establish a firm bond with Sebrights by giving them some delicious mealworms or other tasty treats. They will delight in receiving gifts from their keeper but unlike other breeds, Sebrights won’t overwhelm you every time you walk out your backdoor.     

Two Sebright bantam chickens in backyard

Not the Mumma

One of the most frustrating things a chicken keeper can experience is a stubbornly broody hen. Some breeds are determined to be mummas, no matter the distinct lack of fertile eggs around that need hatching. If you are looking for a hen that would rather frolic and forage than fluff and nest, look no further. The Sebright is not interested in raising baby chicks or anything associated with motherhood. Why sit on a nest all day when you can be egg-sploring the garden and quietly roosting on out of the way branches? Heaven to a Sebright is a day free of parental responsibilities, an open schedule to fill with whatever takes their fancy. Oh look! A tasty cricket to catch! And what do we have here? A new part of the property to discover! No, there is no time for mothering when you have a new adventure to embark on.  

Sebright chickens are perfect poultry pets for a keeper who is as happy to admire their girls in the garden as they are to interact with them. Sebright chickens are a breed with personality and need a coop with character. If you’re thinking of starting your own flock of sweet Sebright bantams be sure that they have a secure and safe space in which to egg-splore. Our easy to love and easy to clean coops like the marvellous Mansion, the perfect Penthouse or the terrific Taj Mahal are the right choice for hen homes. Have a peck at these happy chicken houses to see what coop is right for your fledgling flock.

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