5 Reasons To Love Your Australorp Chickens

by Kassandra Smith August 23, 2015

Australian Australorp chicken  

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - cluck, cluck, cluck! That’s the response you’ll get if you have a coop full of frisky, friendly and fabulous australorps! The locally bred australorps are a favourite in many Australian backyards due to their brilliant black, white or blue plumage, eggceptional egg laying talents and their characteristic happy-go-clucky Aussie attitude. Though we absolutely love chickens from all over the world, from the elegant English orpingtons to the alluring American Rhode Island Reds, there is something special about a homebred lady. For coop and country make sure you have a squiz at these top 5 reasons that we love the Aussie australorp.

1. Award Winning, Record Holding, All Round Egg-ceptional Layers!

When it comes to laying a lot of good eggs the Australian australorp are really holding their weight against other popular prolific layers, like the ISA browns and plymouth rocks. In fact, an australorp chicken is rumoured to hold the record for laying the most eggs in a single year - 364 eggs in 365 - that’s absolutely outrageous! In commercial settings australorps usually lay around 300 eggs per year but in loving, low-pressure backyards it’s estimated that most australorps will only lay around 250 eggs per year. If you’re an aussie mum who needs plenty of high protein eggs to power her family, you definitely can’t look past that perky and productive australorp chicken.

2. Happy-Go-Clucky All Aussie Larrikins

Like many Australians, australorps are easy-going, chipper and friendly. These cruisey chooks are fantastic with both humans and other birds, making them the ideal temperament for almost any coop. If you need an level headed lady to even out any pecking order disputes definitely try to introduce an australorp into the flock and see if the other chickens mellow out. Also, the surfer-cool attitude of the australorp chicken makes them perfect pets for young children or families with other pets like dogs, cats and other poultry. Long story short, australorps are like those loving, chummy and affectionate family members you wish you saw more often. Recommendation: integrate one of these peace loving birds into your flock as soon as possible.

Australorp chicken in grass

3. These Ladies are as Tough as Nails

Classic Aussie characters, like Crocodile Dundee, The Man From Snowy River and Dame Edna, know how to endure hard times and australorp chickens continue this tradition of hardiness and resilience. Australorps withstand high winds, torrential rain and extreme heat with a can-do, no nonsense attitude. These Aussie shellas don’t need to be coddled like silkies or frizzles - australorps are as practical as they are useful. It’s no surprise that these tough chooks used to be called ‘Australian Utility Black Orpington’ before being abbreviated australorp, which sounds a lot friendlier in my opinion. In an egg shell, australorps were bred to thrive in the unpredictable, severe and shifting australian climate, so owners can rest assured that their girls are going to be able to withstand all the harsh conditions Australia has to offer.

4. All Classy Chooks Look Good in Black, White or Blue

Though traditionally australorps were bred from black orpingtons, they now have three different beautiful types of plumage: black, white and blue. Regardless of what colour you prefer, all australorp chickens have similar feathers to the irrefutably big, bold and beautiful orpingtons. Fluffy, feathery and fabulous, you’ll love cuddling and petting your australorps soft and luminous feathers. Make sure you feed them good quality feed and plenty of shell grit to ensure that their feathers stay flawless.

Australorp chicken flock

5. These Fabulous Hens are Local Ladies

Anyone who owns backyard chickens should definitely consider keeping at least a few australorps in their flocks. These stunning Aussie chicks will definitely fit in with your flock and family because of their laidback attitude, egg-laying prowess and general resilience will make an invaluable addition to any Australian’s coop. More importantly, keeping at least one australorp chicken is an easy way to show your patriotism 365 days a year! Whenever you have an Australia Day barbecue you’ll be able to proudly show off your flock of australorps to your guests and say, “that’s right mate, I keep australorps because I’m proud of being an Aussie”.

Australian chickens need a coop designed to integrate into the Australian climate. Our range of chick houses, such as the Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion, are like the Kirribilli House or the Sydney Opera House of chicken coops in this country. If you have a flock of peaceful Aussie australorps make sure you give them an Australian designed coop that they can be proud of.

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