Duck, Chook, Goose, Fowl, Quail!

by Kassandra Smith February 16, 2017

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Hello chicken keepers!

Or should I say, hello poultry keepers! The backyard isn’t just for chooks anymore: people the world over have clued in to the wonders of bird-kind and the fantastic benefits of keeping different varieties together. Watching backyard poultry get along nicely is one of my favourite things! Check out this adorable video of a chicken and a duck having a lovely stroll! 

This weekend’s Mother Hen Tips take you through the different types of backyard poultry, and the challenges and rewards of each!

  1. Ducks! Probably the most popular of all chook companions, ducks won’t be much of a challenge for the average chicken keeper. Give them a pond to bathe in, some run space to sleep, and some extra-wheat, and you’ll be rewarded in with huge, yolky eggs.
  2. Geese! Jumbo ducks, with a twist! In addition to all the duck necessities above, geese also need plenty of grass to graze on. In return, expect 40 absolutely ginormous eggs per year: save them for a special egg-casion!
  3. Guinea fowl! I’ve already covered these cranky caretakers before, but to remind you: if your flock (and your garden) needs a bodyguard, look no further.
  4. Quail! Essentially micro-chickens, quail aren’t too different from their much larger sisters, except that everything is smaller - coop, feed and eggs. I wouldn’t suggest mixing quail and chickens though! Pecking order disputes can get ugly fast.
  5. Pheasants! These shy birds are lovely to look at, but won’t give you much of a chance - they prefer to hide when their keeper comes knocking. Give them somewhere to flee, but enjoy their beautiful plumage from a distance.

backyard poultry quail duck chicken goose

And that’s not even scratching the surface! If you’re egg-cited to dip your toes, why not check out my Ultimate Guide to Backyard Poultry?

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x

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