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Last Updated: 18 January 2018

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Hello chicken keepers,

When most people think about chooks they imagine a copper feathered hen with a bright red comb, foraging through the garden or being tossed a handful of cracked corn. This image is a cliche for a reason. The iconic and quietly beautiful ISA Brown chook is one of the most common chicken breeds available, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s have a peck at the humble ISA Brown chicken breed!

isa brown chicken breed in backyard

The ISA Brown Chicken Breed

ISA Browns are an unpretentious and docile chicken breed that were developed by a French company for commercial laying capabilities. These homestyle chooks are hardy, prolific layer hens, gifting you with up to (and sometimes over) 300 eggs a year. ISA Brown chickens are sensible looking ladies with copper brown plumage and yellow legs that is both unassuming and subtly stunning. The ISA Brown chicken breed is affectionate and hardy and they make an egg-cellent backyard layer for us bum nut lovers.  

isa brown chicken breed in backyard

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