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Last Updated: 02 February 2018

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Hello chicken keepers,

Are you looking for a fluffy bum chook with beautiful plumage and a gentle nature? Look no further! Meet the Wyandotte chicken breed. Wyandotte hens are stunning to look at and their origin story is a melting pot of some of the most beautiful chicken breeds on the books. Let’s have a peck at the gorgeous Wyandotte chicken breed!

columbian and white wyandotte chickens in backyard

The Wyandotte Chicken Breed

Wyandottes are gentle and dazzling chicken breed that were developed by crossbreeding a cornucopia of chicken breeds including Pekins, Cochins and Silver Sebrights. These plump and pretty hens are generous layers that display 17 plumage pattern and colour combinations. The Wyandotte chicken breed is a docile and cold-hardy hen that thrives in a large yard with plenty of free range foraging time.

silver laced wyandotte chicken in backyard

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