Pesky Summer Pests and Parasites

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Last Updated: 05 January 2017

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Hello chicken keepers!

Summer is the prime time of the year for mites, lice and other nasties to cause problems for your poultry. We are getting a lot of questions on Live Chat and the Facebook page from concerned chook keepers about these pesky parasites. I know first-hand that they can be a pain in the fluffy bum to get rid of once they make your chicken coop home, so let’s not give them the chance!

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My Mother Hen Tips for pest and parasite prevention this weekend are:

  1. Clean the coop from top to bottom - there’s no better time to do a thorough clean of your hen home. Remove and replace all the coop bedding and dust the interior and exterior with a pest prevention product like Diatomaceous Earth or Pestene Powder.
  2. To keep flies away place basil, lemon grass, mint, and/or sachets of eucalyptus around the areas where flies hang out. Planting these lovely herbs near your coop will not only keep Louie away - it will also make your coop look and smell amazing all year round!
  3. Mites hate garlic so feed your flock some crushed garlic, and throw a few cloves into their water - it’s great for your chickens’ immune systems too!

It’s always a good idea to get up close and personal with your ladies to make sure they are healthy and happy. To check for pests - look under the wings, around the vent (where the egg comes out) and on the scales of their feet. Poultry pests and parasites are a very common issue - so if your chickens are showing symptoms - don't panic! Just follow the helpful advice in our quick fire guide to beating the bugs here

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x