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Breed Profile: Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red chicken in backyard

Rhode Island Reds are the most well rounded chicken of all the backyard flocks! Chances are if you don’t know which chicken is best for your environment a Rhode Island Red will do just perfectly! These chickens lay egg-streamly well, they are highly valued for their meat, they are cold hardy and generally hardy in every other sense. The white variation, whilst equally as quality in its trait doesn’t receive the same popularity as the reds.


  • Origin: Rhode Island, America
  • Size: 3-4 kg
  • Rarity: Common
  • Purpose: Meat & Eggs
  • Recognized Variations: Red & White


  • Extra Large and Brown
  • 250-300 Eggs Average Annually


The Rhode Island Reds have been referred to as a ‘rust’ coloured bird whose colors can vary from this light rusted colour to a dark maroon or black. The breed has red eyes, brown beaks and yellow feet. Chicks show an adorable light reddish tinge to their yellow baby feathers.


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