The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Chickens in School

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 22 July 2020

Are you thinking of keeping a flock of chickens in your school, kindergarten or childcare centre? Let’s have a peck at why it’s an egg-cellent idea, what equipment, tools and products you need to get started and educational activities your students can experience with a flock of friendly schoolyard hens to interact with.

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Why should our school keep chickens?

Caring for a flock of chickens is a great way for students to learn about biology, compassionate animal husbandry, food science and sustainable living practices. Chickens are cute, funny and affectionate and make great schoolyard pals for toddlers to teenagers at any developmental level. Learn more about why we think chickens make the best pet for kids right here.

What do we need to keep chickens in our school?

To effectively keep chickens in a school environment you will need;

Which chicken breeds should we raise and keep at our school?

Most chickens will be easy to handle provided they have been raised in a hands on environment with plenty of human interaction, but there are certain breeds that are well suited to keeping by children thanks to their especially docile nature. Here are three chicken breeds suitable for kid keepers:

Learn more about child-friendly chicken breeds right here.

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Feathered Fun - Chicken keeping tasks and educational activities for students

Your students can perform a number of tasks to contribute to their school flock’s health and happiness.

Daily Chicken Keeping Tasks

  • Egg collection and recording
  • Chicken behaviour observation and recording
  • Chicken training - tricks and obedience
  • Refill the feeders and drinkers

Weekly Chicken Keeping Tasks

  • Top-up the coop bedding
  • Rake and clean out the chicken run
  • Flock health check - observe the flock for any health issues

Monthly Chicken Keeping Tasks

school student child holding baby chick

Hatching baby chicks - an egg-cellent educational experience!

Many schools choose to incubate, hatch and raise their school flock. This is a fantastic learning experience for students as they get to witness the start of the chicken lifestyle and bond early with their feathered friends. Learn More about what this fascinating process involves with our essential guides:

Our Learning Centre is a great source of information for beginner keepers.

Have a peck at these essential guides to get crackin’ with your school flock!

There are plenty of things to consider when becoming a chicken parent from health to nutrition. Especially when children are involved, you'll want practical information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock. Many chicken keepers struggle to handle chicken health or behaviour issues, especially in the first few years of having a flock.

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