Chooks for Kids!

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 12 March 2017

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Hello chicken keepers!

If you’re considering getting a pet for your children, forget that old tradition of the cat or the dog, and think ‘chickens’ instead!

  1. Orpingtons are docile and cuddly - perfect for little arms to hold.
  2. Pekins are cute and gentle - a pint-sized pet for your kids.
  3. Plymouth Rocks are cool customers - enthusiastic kids won't faze them.
  4. Silkies are almost too cute - watch your young ones squee over these walking balls of fluff.
  5. ISA Browns are hardy and friendly - much like the family pooch, ISAs are just happy to follow your kids around.

Chickens are not only patient and friendly pets, they’re also a living, breathing lesson on the origins of food. After all, eggs don’t really come from a carton. Of course, there are plenty of great reasons that chickens make an egg-cellent friend for your child, but a big one is all the absolutely adorable videos that you’re sure to amass. So go on, pick your favourite breed of chooky and start the adventure today!

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Feathers Forever,

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