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Last Updated: 02 November 2017

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Hello chicken keepers,

One of the great things about keeping backyard chooks is the wonderfully diverse range of breeds you can have in your flock. Some people like to keep a flock of layer hens for bountiful egg production, like the trusty ISA Brown. Others prefer a mixed breed bag, a few prolific layers and some pretty plumaged bantams to keep it interesting. Some chook lovers focus on one heritage or purebred chicken in particular, like a bevy of Barnevelders or a legion of Leghorns. And then there’s the menagerie keepers that maintain a coop of exotic and ornate chicken breeds with their showgirl feather patterns and funky features.

No matter your chicken breed of choice, it’s always a good time to have a peck at the different types of hens available. After all, one can never have too many chickens. Each week I will shine the coop light on a different chicken breed for us to coo over. Let’s have a cluck about the hardy and beautiful Australorp chook.

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The Australorp Chicken Breed

Australorps are a true blue Aussie chicken breed developed from the English Orpington. These beautiful girls have midnight black feathers with shocks of iridescent green that sparkle in the sunshine. They are available in bantam or regular chook size but their placid personality shines through, no matter their stature. Australorp chickens are sweet and calm backyard pets that make great companions for kids. They once held the world record for most eggs laid in one year and they continue to be a star in the nesting box.

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Feathers Forever,

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