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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

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Hello chicken keepers!

I’m capping things off by introducing you to the Divas of the chicken world. Being a ‘Diva’ isn’t a bad thing! It just means that these girls have a unique sense of style. Check out these glorious Frizzle girls! Are you star-struck yet?  

Don’t worry, these chookies aren’t hard to take care of - they just have a little egg-stra sass, and a little egg-stra attitude. And who doesn’t wish they had more of that?

  1. Frizzle: Their just-out-of-bed hairdo  and a calm, relaxed personality means that these fabulous girls have an effortless cool.
  2. Polish: These hens are at the height of cutting-edge fashion, with their incredible head feathers as the centerpiece. They are more high-maintenance than other girls, but totally worth it!
  3. Barnevelder: This chicken breed squawks the squawks and walks the walk. Their signature strut and shimmery green plumage are a jaw-dropping combination.
  4. Belgian d’Uccle: As if the fashion-icon name wasn’t enough, this chicken breed also sports a stylish feather-pattern and feathered boots to die for.

fancy chickens frizzle polish barnevelder belgian duccle

The Divas aren’t for everyone - but if you’re looking to add a little spice to your flock, you can’t go wrong with one of these egg-straordinary chicken breeds.

Whether you fancy strutting your stuff with the divas or looking for a more low-key breed, it can be eggstremely confusing and difficult to find the perfect flock for you and your family. From looks, to personality, to egg-laying talents - where should you begin?

Cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course. This extensive online course shares useful advice on choosing the right chickens for you as well as size & frequency of eggs laid. You’ll even learn about their individual personalities, and be able to use their family-friendly compatibility scale through this well-structured program. It really is a great way to find your perfect backyard buddies which is why I highly recommend them to all of my readers! The courses are beginner-friendly and filled with vital information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock.

As chicken keepers, we want to do an eggcellent job when caring for our feathered friends, but many of us struggle to handle chicken health or behavior issues, especially in the first few years of having a flock. Chickenpedia have a full range of comprehensive online courses that cover everything you didn’t know you need to know and then some more! From healthcare to raising baby chicks to feeding and behavior, get the knowledge and confidence to successfully look after your chickens.

As a member, you will get access to ALL their fantastic courses. So, no need to wing it, become a confident chicken keeper. Click here to check out Chickenpedia today!

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x