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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 01 December 2018

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Hello chicken keepers!

My name is Kassandra and I am the Mother Hen at Backyard Chicken Coops. Welcome to The Chook Coop! I have been keeping backyard chickens for years, ranging from generous laying ISA Browns to beautiful and flighty bantams. There’s not a chook breed I haven’t fallen beak over claws in love with!

Around 7 years ago, I decided to put my chicken keeping experience to use, and start Backyard Chicken Coops with the aim of providing quality, expertly-designed coops for backyards all around Australia. As the business grew, I had the opportunity to chat with passionate chicken keepers - from beginners, to old-timers, and everyone in-between.

I love everything about chooks and I will be chatting with you here in The Chook Coop twice a week about all things poultry so follow along for chook tips, eggs-clusive offers, customer stories and feathered fun!

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x

audrey the australorp in her chook coop

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