9 Signs You Are Crazy About Chickens!

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 06 October 2015

It's only natural to go a little loopy about chickens! They're cute, loving, cuddly and oh-so very sweet. Even if you think you're going a little chicken crazy - don't panic - you are definitely not alone. In fact, anyone who keeps chickens can't help but fall completely head over heels in love with them. Here are the 9 most common signs that you are crazy about chickens.

1. You know your chickens inside and out. 

From knowing their favorite treats to understanding how best to help them through moulting season - you know you are crazy about chickens when you can sense what they need in any situation.


2. You appreciate your chickens' quirky, eggceptional and unusual talents.

When you're crazy about chickens you appreciate the hidden gifts and talents that only you know about. Chickens can be expert gardening assistants, gifted vocalists and lay eggs of all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes - what eggstraordinary creatures!

Animated image of a chicken twirling a baton.

3. You're always happy to see your chickens and they're just as eggcited to see you.

Chickens make the best pets: they are sweet, generous and affectionate. If you're unsure if chickens are right for you click here and find out why you need a few feathery friends in your backyard.

Animated image of chicken excited to see its owner

4. Your girls know that they are just another member of the family.

No family is complete unless they have a hen or two. Whether you decide to keep silkies, ISA browns, orpingtons or whatever else, chickens always make an eggcellent addition to any family.

Animated image of a chicken playing soccer with the family

5. You have your own version of the chicken dance.

Sometimes it's not enough just to love your chickens - sometimes you need to bust a move on the dance floor to let everyone know you are a crazy Chicken Lady or Lad.

Animated image of Arrested Development chicken dance.

6. You're genuinely a little bit in love with the way chickens walk.

Most Chicken Ladies or Lads just love the way their girls move... Who knows why? Point is, it's always easy to spend a quiet afternoon on the deck with a cup of tea watching your chooks free-range all over the backyard.

Animated image of a cartoon chicken walking.

7. You smile every morning in gratitude when you cook your girls tasty eggs.

Poached, fried or scrambled is just the beginning when it comes to cooking your flocks finest! Convention doesn't curtail your culinary creativity when it comes to eggs. If you need some eggstra inspiration then discover a world of egg recipes here.

Animate image of frieds eggs.

8. You find crafty, cute and creative ways to express your love for chickens.

Chicken jumpers, egg white face masks, manure tea for the garden - when you're crazy about chickens your love for your girls isn't limited to the backyard.

Animated image of chicken craft ideas.

9. Most of all... You love them with all your heart and they love you in return.

What more can we say? When you're crazy about chickens you're never short of a reason to love your girls. One of the best ways to show your chickens that you care is to give them a coop with personality. Stick your beak into our range of eggstraordinary backyard chicken coops, like the Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion, all of which are perfect for hens with personality.

Animated image of young boy hugging a chicken.